an ode to a-line




Top by Acne Studios, skirt by Carven courtesy of Tootsies.

Shot by Traci Ling

Oh a-line, I’ve forgotten about you. I have mostly worn mini skirts since in my preteen years, or an occasional maxi to try to carry off the boho trend. You have been tucked away in my childhood, to the days even before my bat mitzvah to when my mother still dressed me. But even then I think we only met during my brief job as a flower girl at a family friend’s wedding.

I plan on getting to know very well during f/w 14/15 and keep you around – a meaningful relationship that will last. If not now then when?



The Strong Shoulder – Gym Free Ed.





Carven top, courtesy of Tootsies. Paige Novick cuff, American Apparel jeans. Shot by Traci Ling In the animal kingdom, enlarging shoulders most likely occurs as an intimidation tactic to avoid an upcoming altercation. In the fashion world, it’s used to balance the proportions of a curvatious boo-tay. Either way, I’ve gathered some strong shoulder tops to enhance your top half:

A Heart On For Plaid


Shot by Traci Ling

Jacket by House Of Holland courtesy of Tootsies

Pearl ring $3.80, Foreves. Earrings, Jarin


A wool plaid jacket for any shade of blue denim you might have, topped with heart buttons. What’s not to love?
As you might have noticed, I have been collaborating with some great photography talent of Houston, this shoot by the really, really fun Traci Ling. Be looking for more of these ensemble posts here intermittently between train-of-thoughts I shamelessly rant about here. Then let’s get a glass of wine afterwards, ok?

The PC Police


Are you known as the PC police?

…because I am!

Remember that what is ‘normal’ is changing all the time, and while being rebuffed for making a PC point,
it takes us to make that difference. Small differences in our vinacular can significantly alter the regard of the subject you are speaking about. I get called ‘sensitive’ a lot, but I’d rather be that than to discriminate passively. So, while we’re watching what we wear, and what we eat, let us be considerate with our words too.