A Heart On For Plaid


Shot by Traci Ling

Jacket by House Of Holland courtesy of Tootsies

Pearl ring $3.80, Foreves. Earrings, Jarin


A wool plaid jacket for any shade of blue denim you might have, topped with heart buttons. What’s not to love?
As you might have noticed, I have been collaborating with some great photography talent of Houston, this shoot by the really, really fun Traci Ling. Be looking for more of these ensemble posts here intermittently between train-of-thoughts I shamelessly rant about here. Then let’s get a glass of wine afterwards, ok?

The PC Police


Are you known as the PC police?

…because I am!

Remember that what is ‘normal’ is changing all the time, and while being rebuffed for making a PC point,
it takes us to make that difference. Small differences in our vinacular can significantly alter the regard of the subject you are speaking about. I get called ‘sensitive’ a lot, but I’d rather be that than to discriminate passively. So, while we’re watching what we wear, and what we eat, let us be considerate with our words too.

Knee Breeches

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What

Man, sometimes I wish I called myself Pants Diet. I LOVE an ankle pant, and really really love a roomy crotch, hence, the easily embraceable culotte. With their breeziness, wide-legged culottes offer the comfort of a sundress with the mobility of pants, which is why I have these exact leather-looking zara dungarees on their way.

Come on and culotte with me, won’t you? Look at all you have to choose from:

Let’s Talk Hair!

The product of a fun filled hair week.

This week has been one filled with amazing hair opportunities.

First, I cashed in on a drawing I won months ago: a big night out on the town with an old friend of mine, who’s now an expert hair stylists who owns one of the nicest salons here in Houston, Shyn Salon. The evening included a hair cut, style, makeup application, dinner, and drinks with my friend. I was really, really, excited – this was like an all around fun-time lottery. Here I had won the date of all dates. I made sure to cash this at an important occasion seeing as that I don’t have professional help grooming myself a lot, and scheduled our rendezvous before an event we were both attending for Flock; Houston zoo’s young supporters.

‘What If’ Divorce Rumor Ed.


In a very distant pondering of ‘what if?’ (I didn’t buy the US tabloid with this ‘news’ on the cover) I’m asking of Bey IS divorcing Jay-z who I should be my new relationship role models be?

I have around three couples that I really admire, which probably means I need to be paying more attention to these things, but, with ignoring all bad things (gossip!) and admiring the good things, I’ve built a fantasy future based off of a lot from these two:

1) Careers. It’s not likely that I’ll wake up tomorrow with any talent at being a musician, but, cheeres to those two for pursing their craft and being billion-dollar-in-the-elevator good at it. Also, they get to do their craft together, which leads me to romance admiration #2..

2) Public professions of love. They get to display their love through R & B/rap lyrics, which has been a major life goal since I was a little girl belting out Boyz II Men (see ’90’s). Only way more romantic. I’ve planned my dream wedding soundtrack starting with Drunk In Love, a naughty romantic duet, to Halo, including Love On Top. Their breakup would corrupt this future playlist for me, and it’s really good.

3) Private Wedding. I’ve never planned my wedding, aside for what I just said about the playlist, but I think privacy is ideal.

I could probably make a dozen more bullet points for my list, but you get the point. I just want what Beyoncé and Jay-Z have, and they better still have it, like XO.