Normcore, it’s here to stay.

Sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans outift


Carven sweatshirt


Carven sweatshirt / 3.1 Philip Lim Soliel mini bag / courtesy of Tootsies / Citizens Of Humanity jeans / Dolce Vita loafers on sale! / Forever 21 fedora / Alexander McQueen chain chocker on sale!

Shot by Traci Ling

Normcore, an outfit that says ‘I’m not trying too hard, in fact I’m barely trying.’ or ‘I mixed up my gym bag with my clean laundry bag,’ which is great for those of us that are managing our own wardrobes butler-less.

I thought that this was going to be a one or two season casual pairing, but sweatshirts + boyfriend jeans are still going strong (Cali) Coast, to (New York) Coast, to third (Gulf) Coast. Uniting athleticism, fashion, dudes, and dudettes, so everyone can share the same luggage.



Holiday-cruise outfit mashup

Striped holiday / resort outfit

Striped holiday / resort outfit

Striped holiday / resort outfit

Forever 21 faux fur striped jacket

A.L.C. sweater / A.L.C. leather pencil skirt / Dior ‘so electric’ sunglasses / courtesy of Tootsies

Shot by Traci Ling

Before Santa has even made his rounds, with the presents still wrapped under the tree, or in my house, menorah, resort clothing begins to fill the shelves of retailers all over the northern hemisphere. What’s a party goer to do? If you can’t wait to get your sailing look on, which why would you? Join me in trying to add some stripes to holiday ensembles. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to take a vacation, or look like you’re going on one.


Baby, it’s bold outside.

Bright green chartreuse coat


Oasis chartruese coat / Equipment shirt on sale! / Citizens Of Humanity Jeans / Dior pumps on sale at Tootsies / Shot by Traci Ling


Well, winter is here, and while a lot of the world are wearing black and camel overcoats, I yearned for more. I wandered around my favorite shopping sites for what colors I could find, and behold, this yellow/green came to me. Not being sure how often I would need a chartreuse coat, I held off until luckily, Black Friday gave me the perfect excuse and price ($126 from $180!) to bite. Would I have typically spent a little more for it? Maybe, but l had gotten lucky! And while this particular coat has since readjusted itself back to it’s regular price, there are still plenty of color opportunities to score in winter sales everywhere…so go big (color) or go home.

To logo or not to logo?

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Moschino dress on sale! / Dior glasses / courtesy of Tootsies.

Shot by Traci Ling

That is the question. And these are more shirt options


So extremely gaudy that it’s amusing, maybe even perversely sophisticated.

“Adorably pretentious” is a term a good friend of mine coined to describe our group of friends. Denouncing involvement with that personality trait (Me – “who, me??? Couldn’t be..”), I was let down gently (My very nice friend Garrett – “duh, you”) that we were all pretentious, or had high standards, about something we were interested in. Let me give you an example: I may not know anything about Italian cuisine (not far from the truth) but your grandmother might have hand-prepered for you meatballs and penne from her rustic Sardinian village on the reg. That would give you scoffing rights to my not-as-well-honed taste in Italian eateries. So, whether it’s Italian cuisine, brand of water color paints, zoos around the country, or taco stands, I bet I could count on you to have something to be snooty about…so would you wear it on a shirt?

Nod if you agree that getting laughs while looking good never hurt anyone, especially Moschino’s press.

a resolution recap


Raj, Sarah, and I walking toward a charming Croatian winery.


Party people are gathered ’round in their finest, or maybe just their shiniest. Drinks are all in hand. Silly glittered 2014 glasses take centers a top the crowns of sizzled instagrammers. The count down begins to ring in the new year. This is not normally a time where I’m evaluating how to better myself. What can make me take a look at the wo(man) in the mirror is a change of scenery, good people, and moving literature.

Last summer I met up with my old best friend from high school to vacation on some Croatian Islands with her, me, Raj, and her husband, Peter. Her and Peter live in Germany and have a much different day-to-day life than Raj and I have. She designed toys (YES that is a real job and YES it requires a really hard to get to get degree.) They refuse to get a car, thus, they walk everywhere. They have been vegetarians for years. Not the way things are normally done in Texas.

I also was staying on a little island where I walked to fresh market every morning, swam in the sea every afternoon, and had local wine and fish every evening. I read an experimental self-help book cover to cover…you know…a perfect mind opening vacation combination.

Getting back, I came to Texas with a list of things of life changes in a post here about mid-year resolutions. Well, it’s December 5th and I want to see how I have measured up.

1. Eat less meat. I’m happy to say that I have excelled in my less-meat diet. I have made very few exceptions in eating meat, poultry, and fish from sources that aren’t reputable in the treatment of animals. It’s been a really easy and fulfilling life adjustment.

2. Blog more. I haven’t kept my commitment to blog every day, but I have blogged better. I am now planning my posts more as a collaboration (read: party) with my compadres Lynds of L. Avenue and photographer Traci.

3. Walk to work. Nope. After one week I thought I was go ingot get what stroke. You can maybe travel by foot in Germany but not so much in the swamp I call home.

4. Use actions. I think so, but those might just be my words talking….

5. Use the nice soap. …yes…and the nice perfume, the nice wine, and the nice towels are all being utilized :)

I’m even contemplating making some more posi life changes in time for the big ball drop on Dec. 31st. Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions?

the tux stops here

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Rag & Bone jacket / Rag & Bone shorts / Vince blouse / Edie Parker clutch / courtesy of Tootsies / Blanc & Eclare sunglasses / Zara smoking flats

Shot by Traci Ling

By ‘here’ I mean this tux stops at my upper thigh, which is good enough if your cocktail events are in subtropical weather like Houston, Texas. Or maybe you’re ringing in the new year at some exotic sandy rain forested island where fully covered legs isn’t required. Whatever the case may be, I like to think of shorts as a mini dress alternative that you can bend over in, I mean dance comfortably, or get in and out of cabs in, without flashing anyone ;)

caviar pie


Are you hosting a party and want to serve a snack? Do you like salty snacks but dislike cheese too? Ok we’re in the same boat, and it serves caviar. Take a stab at my easy, tasty, and impressive caviar pie. It has never let me down, including next-day-hangover-brunch.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Springform pan(s) – You can use one large 12 inch diameter one or mini ones. Just make sure your diameter adds up to 12 inches. The benefit of small ones is that you can serve them in different places around the room, or replace a mostly eaten pie with a new untouched one.
  • 4 hardboiled eggs
  • mayonnaise
  • a sweet yellow onion
  • one 8 oz. package cream cheese (softened)
  • one 8 oz. package sour cream
  • caviar. I would aim between 4-6 oz. depending on the variety. I also wouldn’t waste the good stuff on this recipe because of all the other strong flavors going on here.


I really hope you’re the kind of cooker that measures loose. I’m what you call a ‘casual measurer.’ Nobody says that, I made it up, but I think you know what I’m getting at. Anyway, I’m trying to get better at that, so hang with me.

a short history of the cummerbund

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Haute Hippy pant courtesy of Tootsies / white tux jacket / black silk halter / Shot by Traci Ling.


The cummerbund. The accessory first started at a sash worn by Indian men for all occasions. It was adopted by the British military officers during Indian colonization as an alternative to a waist coat. The British apparently knew what was up about looking dapper in hot places. Civilians got a hold of this and made pleats face up to hold ticket stubs. Flash forward to today’s black-tie-tomboys, who I recommend using said pleats to put away valet money or maybe a Midol.


the look of leather

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Tamar 11 19-Tamar 11 19-0056-2


100 percent cotton Citizens of Humanity drawstring coated pant, on sale! Courtesy of Tootsies / Pixie Market varsity faux leather cape / Ray – Ban sunglasses / Asos sunglass chain

Shot by Traci Ling.

Looks like leather, breathes like cotton – that’s something to be thankful for.

Why not wear drawstring pants for Thanksgiving? That should definitely be a thing, like when two things go together. So the next time you’re explaining how necessary it is to do something you can say “…you simply must, it’s as important as wearing drawstring pants to Thanksgiving…”

Internet, we’ve got a new colloquialism. I hope you have a very happy holiday and are comfortable with whatever pants you choose. May they be full of stretch and be expandable, and your meals be delicious too!


covering up your cut outs







Carven dress, courtesy of Tootsies. Hamilton oxford.

Shot by Traci Ling.


Business cocktail…bizcock? Cockbiz? Whatever you want to call it, here is a way to avoid white belly exposure. Layer your button-downs underneath the crop tops of bronzier yester-seasons for a look that is appropriate enough to wear to a company party….because as much as I like to be exposed, not everybody is ready for that jelly (sung like Destiny’s Child) especially those workmates you plan on keeping just professionally (read: no awkward office hookups.)