covering up your cut outs







Carven dress, courtesy of Tootsies. Hamilton oxford.

Shot by Traci Ling.


Business cocktail…bizcock? Cockbiz? Whatever you want to call it, here is a way to avoid white belly exposure. Layer your button-downs underneath the crop tops of bronzier yester-seasons for a look that is appropriate enough to wear to a company party….because as much as I like to be exposed, not everybody is ready for that jelly (sung like Destiny’s Child) especially those workmates you plan on keeping just professionally (read: no awkward office hookups.)

the (big) cat’s meow

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Carven coat, Rag & Bone silk shirt, Haute Hippy Pant, courtesy of Tootsies. Saks fur headband.

Shot by Traci Ling.

I typically don’t wear leopard print. It’s a moral opposition I have to the wearing of endangered animals, even if it’s dyed camel hair. So, you guys are going to promise me that you’ll never think it’s not cool to kill big cats, right? So we can move on to talk about the beauty of this coat…riiight? Just pinky swear that if you ever hear of someone wearing a real endangered animal that you’ll wrestle them, or at least make a witty comment that makes them look dumb. Moving on, this coat’s got all three major food groups in it – creme, tan, and black, thus the perfect topper for your basics. I say it can take your florals to purfection and pinstripes too. So cover those Jack Donaghy tuxedos and Canadian tuxedos with a wild cat print, just make sure no animals are harmed <3

Tops keep croppin’ – holiday ed.

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Parker top, Alice + Olivia skirt, Alice + Olivia jacket, courtesy of Tootsies. Nicolas Kirkwood pumps.

Shot by Traci Ling.

Hey look, it’s the calendar! If you know me in a chat-over-drinks (or in a chat-over-the-Internet) sort of way, you’ll know that I spend from May until November talking about the calendar. In the summer months we’re scouting, styling, and shooting, while during the fall we’re writing, editing, and printing. Now that it’s finally here it really feels like the holidays, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit then to buy a new calendar? We’ll be selling online shortly, so be looking for them for your wall-hanging needs!

As for DRESSING for the holidays, this is the most shown look: crop top and high wasted big skirt. It’s cute, festive, and actually suitable for our sub tropical climate, so bare that belly this party season.

Slashed pants for everyone! ($1,000-$0)


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Rachel zoe fringe top, Acne Studios moto, American apparel jean, Sam Edleman pumpsRay – Ban sunnies, Asos sunglasses chain.


Shot by Traci Ling


Sometimes you just want to look like you spend your life touring with your rock group. There are a couple of ways to achieve this look: A. the Saint Laurent ‘black ripped and smudged 50’s jean’ at $900 they are perfectly slashed and faded like a hard-partying tour I imagine would do to a pant (read 70’s Keith Richards) B. Rag & Bone‘s black skinny jeans. A way smaller investment at $200 or so. Nice stretch, really soft, and still faded.  C. Take your black jeans that you keep swearing that you’re going to either re-dye or donated and cut holes in them. $0 (or so I have justified.)  Voila, a black distressed jean for every budget.  I hope to see you out in your slashed pants soon!


**GIVEAWAY** 2 tickets to the A Couture Cause Calendar Launch Party


Let me give you a little backstory on a project we call The Calendar – It all started with a joke I made on the internet expressing a desire for a pin up style calendar to be made of all my man repelling fashion friends. My great friend and biz whiz, L. Avenue, seized the idea & opportunity for us to create something with our fashion backrounds “to make a buck.” That’s how A Couture Cause, a high fashion calendar and launch party, was born.  It’s been a story filled with friendship, talent, us begging friends for their talents, me having to buy a laptop, but mostly about charity. Today Lynds and I, along with our talented blogging friends Beauty NowSunday Beach, Classy & Fabulous, are hosting a very exciting giveaway together. Wait for it…YES! tickets for you and your lucky dance partner to our Sadie Hawkins dance party next Thursday!



If you don’t win you can still join us in the ultimate #tbt by purchasing tickets here. *Tickets include food, cocktails, a calendar, swag bags, and a night of dancing to the best jams of the nineties*

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5th and Mercer skirtAcne Studios tank, Jimmy Choo pump, Equipment blazer.

Shot by Traci Ling

Since suits these days come in more than black and grey, why not celebrate with some blue separates to match these blue sunny skies? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, blue is now a neutral. I blame it on denim. We’ve worn our denim with everything – black, white, brown, tan, creme, with even more denim. It’s a color no-brainer, so come be blue with me!

Top 5 curvy role models

I was such a scrawny kid. I couldn’t wait to grow up and out of my Olive Oyl physique, but once puberty and pizzas got me there, I felt out of place.

There weren’t a lot of figures in fashion spreads that were thicker than a matchstick, for example the Olsens were still the same weight as they were in Full House. Me and my new hips were left with out a lot to look up to. Thankfully I survived the heroin chicness of the nineties and the aughts to have made it to the fitness era of today. I work out three times a week, walk an average of 6 miles a day, carry heavy grocery bags of wine and kitty litter, so I have to stay strongIt’s my lifestyle.

Thus I’ve compiled a list of ladies to look up to when I’m feeling down in the dumps:

1. Beyonce. Because BEYONCE.


2. Hannah Bronfman. Dj and model AND fitness guru that looks good in everything.


3. Kourtney Kardashian. All the K sisters are curvy but I’m giving props to this one.


4. Miss Piggy, inventor of snackcersize and let’s not forget her In Style fashion spread.


5. Iggy Azalea. She’s so fancy – even in denim jumpsuits.

Australian singer Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend Nick Young dines out at Mastro's steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA

a tale of one jacket two ways

One jacket TWO ways; one had jeans WITH holes, another without. One with a tee shirt, one with a button down. Not rocket science some would say, but none the less, it can seem that way when you have to be on the other side of town in minutes and you’re still standing around in one sock wondering how you’re going to wear your new cool jacket. In the store you swore you could wear it with everything, but at crunch time, you come up with nothing. In this two part study, fellow blogger, project partner and comrade Lyndsey of L. Avenue and I emerged ourselves in a scramble to come up with two totally different looks for this one House of Holland jacket, thanks to our budding relationship with awesome (and patient AND really really fun) photographer Traci, we got to document it. I hope you guys like it, because we had so much fun on this, that we’ll be doing it again soon.






Stay tuned to our next wild adventure! Until next time – Peace out and Mauh -Tams, Lynds, Traci