A Very Indian Passover


The conception of this ethnic-union dinner idea came long ago. Long before I even snagged my Indian boyfriend, didn’t I luck out?
It was thought up by none other than my mother, at our favorite Indian restaurant. We ran into a friend of mine who she thought was Indian (he’s Brazilian, but whatever) and pitched the idea to him hoping he would come, because he’s that good looking. I’m sure glad she mistook his cuisine-of-origin – it was a great south-Asian-delicacy-fusion AND I got to wear the sari I had laying around.
We invited the Trill City Gang and our parents, who’s dietary restrictions dictated a gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher for Passover, Indian style menu. Raj in a matter of days had his recipes dreamt up, consulted, prepped, while I moved every dining furniture piece from both of our apartments and crafted ironic-decaled felt yarmulkes.
In the end, we only had one burn (mine) and ran an hour and a half behind schedule, but what are holidays for?
It was a fantastic soirée without enough photo evidence.

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Feminism Lite


Is pop music introducing the idea of woman empowerment even while being questionably counter-feminist?

A couple albums have come out this year that have left a lot of listeners scratching their heads at contradictory messages about the topic. We can start with Beyoncé and then move to Pherrell, who is trying to bounce back after the misogynistic controversy of Blurred Lines.

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Midi Midi Bom Bom


Everything but the ankle: welcome the skirt length of the season. The Midi Skirt, because who’s ready to show off gams that haven’t seen the sun in six months?

Let’s get long up in here -

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The Denim Diet – Boyfriend Jean Ed.


Illustration by Lauren Friedman

Are we still wearing boyfriend jeans? Well, look down. Are you?
I remember the first time Katie Holmes was spotted wearing those baggy jeans: cuffed with flats, with that short hair cut and stripped shirt, like Where’s Waldo gone wrong, and having the first conscious thought: that to my dismay, the new exciting thing in denim was in fact very ugly. The boyfriend jean was so avant guard. Me not liking it (yet) had me questioning my fashion-diligence – Does that school of thought also define being a Fashion Victim? Whatever. It’s a fine line/art.
I was selling stiff jeans, soft jeans, tight jeans, embroidered jeans of $500 +, gem encrusted jeans of of $1,000 + and I could pay my way with those because of the tightness on the butt. Really. That and pocket placement. All women cared about until then. So, how could I get into something that obscured the rear?
It took probably 4 years, but here I am. Loud, proud, and baggy bottomed.
A word to the wise though – don’t really wear your boyfriend’s (boyfriends’…?) jeans. Make sure they fit your hips tightly and don’t droop too elephant-butt like. Plus, what’ll your shacker wear in his way out?

Onto your boyfriend/ex boyfriend jeans-

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The Odd Pair


Earrings that don’t match but compliment each other are accentuating lobes currently. I personally love this – finally, a way to wear that earring that you love who’s mate has been lost or broken. I’ve realized though, that it’s hard to make cleaver, well balanced, thought out matches without looking like you weren’t paying attention while you got dressed.
So….cheers to the designers doing the matching for you!

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One Jacket Three Ways


In a recent second hand store score, I acquired a St. John crème colored long sweater coat. It’s not a line I know at all, but this piece had a ton of Chanel-esque traditional jacket charm, and for $99 I couldn’t not take it home. From the time I took it from the store we became inseparable. Take a look at how we’ve been together and the other clothes we’ve worn over our last blissful three days.

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Leisure Cum Active Wear


It’s called lifestyle.

There are a couple places in the world that call for activities (read: work out/sweat) on and off during the day.
Take my latest/current, vacation, Aspen, Colorado for example. Beautiful, snowy Aspen, where a day can take you from coffee, to shopping, to hiking a mountain, to lunch, to a long walk, and then dinner. Stretch pants are the only obvious garment that can encompass all those pastimes, so what should I not be topless in? After packing an average of10 tops per day, I’m going to tell you how to look like an active lifestyle expert – the vest.
Take one vest. I chose a reversible fur on one side, denim on the other. This sleeveless piece can be worn over a jacket, under a jacket, over a long sleeve shirt, over a tank, probably over just a sports bra for you adventurous ones.

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